The League of Independent Fitness Facilities & Trainers (LIFFT) is a statewide coalition of small business owners that own and operate private fitness facilities in Michigan.  LIFFT is comprised of small gyms (less than 250 members), private training studios, independent wellness centers, and warehouse style gyms.  We have close personal relationships with our members, clients, and communities.  Our clientele consists of people that have already made health & wellness a top four priority in their lives.  We are a safe haven to those that have overcome much, and we continue to enrich our members' lives through our services. 


Over the duration of the COVID19 crisis we have constantly been in communications with our members, families if you will, to keep them on pace with their goals and healthy lifestyles.  Unfortunately, due to the lack of accountability, lack of facilities, and lack of community support and motivation, we are becoming aware of major issues affecting our members that are outside of our control at this point.  We are seeing clients having to hop back on previous medications, we are hearing about excessive weight gain, people sliding back into their old habits, we are seeing members turn back to substance abuse to self medicate with no other outlets for stress relief, and maybe most of all, we are hearing about members slip into depression.  Physical fitness not only is a great way to build the immune system, fight against disease, and help prevent the spread of COVID19, but the data shows that it also has a tremendous positive impact on the mental health of our communities!  We need to get back to what we know how to do best, and that's offering our professional services and facilities to our communities that are hurting the most.  We have outlined in the attached correspondence how the facilities that are apart of our coalition can tightly manage and enforce proper CDC guidelines, all while providing sanitary & safe environments to our members and clients.


The financial hardships that most facilities are facing are obvious.  With little to no real support federally, statewide, and locally, these small businesses are running out options.  Many facilities have laid off their entire staff of employees and/or trainers, some permanently.  These difficult times limit the rapid growth and future expansion opportunities that we all have aimed for since opening our doors.  Our number one goal as fitness professionals has always been uplifting people and providing a positive impact on our local communities.  We need to ensure that we will be able to continue to do so for the long haul.  Please consider assisting LIFFT in the safe and immediate reopening of our privately owned and operated small gyms and fitness facilities.  


With your help our voices can be heard.  Small fitness facility owners, trainers, members, and local supporters, please fill out the contact form on our HOME page, and we will be in contact with you ASAP!  Thank you!


>250 Average total members vs

big box gyms that have 2-7,000 members

25% Capacity

All facilities in LIFFT can safely operate at 25% capacity during reopening phases, graduate to 50% during the next phases, and finally reach 100% capacity during the final phases.

23% Reduction

in suicidal thoughts & attempts with physical exercise, in addition to the endless health benefits outlined in our official correspondence letter.

Through thorough cleaning protocols, close monitoring of all activity inside our facilities, the use of PPE, and the strictly enforced square footage per member designations, these small gym facilities are more than well equipped to begin serving their communities as we once did before March 17th, 2020.